Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I drive by
this place on my way home from work each day and love how the afternoon sun plays on the sides of these train cars. They've been there for months and I've had my camera with me but had never made the image, until today.

There is a point
along the road where you cant turn back, without a lot of hassle that is. I see the ore cars but by the time I think of making the shot, I've already past that point, so I drive on. But today was different.

I parked as close as I could which still meant a long walk in the coarse gravel alongside the tracks. Camera on my shoulder, risking the puzzled looks from passers by, some of them co-workers, no doubt, I walked in the dust. I am a photographer.

As I neared
the ore cars, their sheer size was daunting. The factory was closed for the day, the workers had all gone home, but still I obeyed the "No Trespassing" signs because I have yet to see the inside of a police car.

I started shooting. It was really windy and I had to brace myself against the train to steady the shot. I stood, I crouched, I knelt, I zoomed, framed and composed, and I shot. Twenty five images captured and I chose this one to share.

I love the way the cars arc off into the distance. The dirt road and tire tracks strengthen the lines in this image. The silo in the distance give your eye a destination.

Some one once told me
that all the anticipation an nervousness you feel before a shoot goes away the moment you take the first picture. This time I felt it. It was nice being present, tuning out all else, and just making images.

Many times in life, routine keeps us from opportunity. We get so used to doing the same things over and over again and don't bother with that which removes us from our comfort zone. When we take the time to stop it can be quite rewarding. We have an image, and a story to tell. To quote David duChemin: "Carry your camera and don't bemoan missed opportunities. Just chase new ones"

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