Saturday, June 12, 2010


our lives take an unexpected turn. Some small decision we make turns out badly and the repercussions echo though our lives. We get upset on the freeway and end up in the hospital, we wink at a waitress and end up in divorce court, or we hurt someone deeply by failing to notice how your lives have been on auto pilot for so many years.

When we make
these seemingly small decisions, a chain of events is set in motion that runs out of control thorough our once happy lives, and we are left in devastation. Its as if our lives hang in this delicate balance and spin perfectly, but, once disturbed, our lives can spin violently out of control.

Only if
we could go back in time, Only if we could change that one thing....But we can't. Whats done is done, and now we move forward. Often we need guidance.

This photo
to me, is a reminder of lost dreams. A small shop glimmers in the early morning light beckoning those who are in need of guidance to help them through times like these.

I stopped in,
one day, to see If I could interview the owner about her life and the business she was in. I wanted to know her story, how she got started, and how she helps her clients. I thought it would be interesting to readers of the blog. I rang the bell.

I was greeted
by a small, caring woman with short brown hair, she'd said her name was Mary. We sat and talked a while but she seemed uneasy about something.

She told me
a little about her self but seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. I asked for an appointment to return for her portrait and to finish the interview. She said: "Maybe not today..." So I gave her my card and said good bye. I returned alone early the next morning to take the location photos before the shop was open.

The week passed,
and I noticed the shop hadn't been open at all, No Mary, no owner, no signs of activity. Then I saw the "For Sale" sign in the window. No wonder Mary hadn't returned my call.

I wonder
what happened to Mary that would cause her to close the shop. I wondered if, in some way, Mary's life had spun out of control forcing her to close up. For now, the shop stands as a reminder for me to pay attention to the things I take for granted. For me to have the courage and conviction in everything I do, because, somehow, it all comes back to in the end.

Keep smiling...