Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Light

Early in the morning
or in the evening, when the sky is clear and the sun is low, the world takes on a different glow. Light streams in from the side and illuminates everyday things in spectacular ways. Shadows deepen, colors brighten and
the world just feels right.

Maybe its that most others are just waking up, or just having dinner, it does seem like the world slows down a bit.

In another case,
an overcast day can make for some nice images. Gone are the bright reflections and harsh shadows. Skin looks better and textures soften making this type of light flattering to the subject.

Often times
professional photographers will place a subject beneath a tree to shield her from the hot sun and harsh edgy shadows. An overcast day makes the light really soft. It lights your subject from all directions making it an ideal time for portraits.

So the next time
you see the sun low in the sky, or have overcast weather, take out your camera, find a willing subject, and experiment. You'll be glad you did!